Valuation of Assets

Proper valuation of the family assets is an important part of every divorce or separation. The results can have a significant impact on each spouse’s financial position after legal proceedings have ended. Hiring a lawyer with experience in the complexities of property division, valuation and all related family law matters is critical.
Courtyard Law is in association with the largest group of family law lawyers in British Columbia. We are experienced in developing asset valuations and divisions that are based on sound legal and financial analysis. In consultation with you, we may have to hire professional valuators to determine the value of your family assets. To divide an asset, both parties must first agree on its value or the value will be determined by the court. Our lawyers, along with a trusted network of financial professionals, regularly facilitate the valuation of family assets such as:

  • The matrimonial house
  • Other personal and commercial real estate
  • Cars
  • Pensions
  • Any other family assets of value
  • Valuation of Business Assets


Business assets are not always classified as family assets. If you or your spouse owns a business or have an interest in a business, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer to determine if any or all of the business assets could be considered family assets.
We may work to prove or disprove the classification of business assets as family assets, depending on our client’s goals. With assistance from financial experts, we will value any business assets that are considered family assets, and pursue our client’s interests through negotiation, mediation or litigation, as necessary.