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Clients often get nervous when we ask them this one simple question:  “Do you have a will?”  Their answer is predominantly “No…but…”, or “Do I really need one?” Call me biased, but I think that all people need a will, regardless of what they own, or how much.  If you think that the government can take care of all the heartache after you are gone, you are sorrily mistaken as it only compounds the problems!

Simply stated, if you have any of the following, it is our suggestion that you must have a will:

  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Real Estate
  • Motor Vehicle
  • money over $5,000.00

At the Courtyard Law Offices, we deal in all aspects of estate work, from drafting a simple will, to dispersing a complex estate.  Not only do we deal with your matter in a professional manner, but also with compassion for the situation.

There are excellent resources available from the Canadian Bar Association at Wills & Estates

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