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It seems that regardless of how much you had to drink, nothing is more sobering than seeing the lights of the police car in your rear-view mirror.  But as the advertisements always say, “Just because you blew over, doesn’t mean you’re guilty!” In fact, this is often legally true due to a wide range of variables including your height, weight, drinking pattern, and food consumption.  We make that your rights are looked after in every aspect.
Did you know that if you are convicted of impaired driving, that you will lose your licence for minimum of a year? There are no exemptions for driving to and from work!  If you are caught driving while prohibited, add at least 1 more year to the suspension, and at least 7 days in a jail–not that “stay-at-home kind” either!

At the Courtyard Law Offices, we have handled countless matters involving domestic and family violence, and as a result know how to deal with them effectively and efficiently.  There may have been a time when such matters were dismssed by society, but those days are long gone, and justice does prevail! Make the right choice.

The Canadian Bar Association has excellent resources available at Criminal Law

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