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There is absolutely nothing positive about a custody and access dispute, other than it is over. But the alternative to the short-term aggravation of a court proceeding is the long-term pain of continued strife and uncertainty.  You are not alone in your fears, your concerns, and your worries regarding how the other parent is going to treat the most important person in your life…your child.

There will undoubtedly be times when the actions of the other parent will be so intolerable that you cannot believe that they are considering how it will affect the children–the truth is sometimes people do not think of the ramifications.  But this is what our court system is designed to resolve.

At the Courtyard Law Offices, you can expect that we have encountered situations like yours in the past, and know how to deal with them effectively and efficiently.  We shall make a difference in your life, because your children deserve your love, your care, your attention, and most importantly, your protection.

The Canadian Bar Association has excellent resources available on at Family law

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