High Value Asset Property Division

Our lawyers have extensive experience working with clients that own assets of significant value, including various business assets. We can assist in achieving a fair, satisfying and expeditious property division during divorce and separation. While the law regarding division of property is the same, no matter the size and value of your family assets, property division can be much more complicated when a couple has significant wealth and assets. Disputes over important factors like spousal support and equal or unequal division of the assets can quickly escalate.
Our experienced lawyers and network of reliable professionals can guide you through the division of complex and high-valued property. We consult regularly with top financial professionals, including business valuators, pension valuators, tax lawyers and accountants. These professionals can assist in analyzing business assets, pensions and other complex property, including:

  • Personal and commercial real property
  • Businesses
  • Financial portfolios
  • Pensions and R.R.S.P. retirement savings
  • Intellectual property
  • Stock options
  • Commissions and bonuses earned during the marriage but paid later
  • Vehicle, including cars, boats and aircraft


Our lawyers regularly handle cases involving multimillion-dollar marital estates. If you or your spouse own a business or have an interest in a business, we will work to determine if the business assets should be considered family assets. We often work with a corporate lawyer to review shares and other business assets.