Division of Property

When a couple separates, the assets accumulated during the marriage must be classified as family assets, business assets or individual assets. Family assets must be divided equally between the two partners unless it would be unfair to do so. Often, people require legal representation to identify and divide the family assets, especially if the divorce or separation is contested and or complex. Courtyard Law is an all-encompassing family law group that helps clients deal with every area of divorce/separation. Our lawyers draw upon a wealth of experience from practising family law in British Columbia, and we have in-depth familiarity with the court system and relevant laws. Whether your case is resolved through negotiation, mediation or litigation, we will work to protect your interests as your property and debts are divided.
In some circumstances, we may have to do extensive research to uncover assets undisclosed by the other party. The lawyers at Quay Law Centre can assist you in locating these assets.

Valuation of Family Assets

After the family assets have been identified, our lawyers will facilitate the valuation of all assets, including such complex assets as real estate, pensions and business assets. We are known for developing creative solutions to complex property division problems. For more information about division of property, we welcome you to review the following topics:

  • Equal or unequal division of property
  • Valuation of assets, including business valuations
  • Complex and high-asset property division
  • Pension/R.R.S.P. division
  • Common-law rights/property divisions
  • Same-sex relationships

It is important to speak to a lawyer who understands the law and knows how to protect your interests at the very start of your divorce or separation.