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  • Valuation of Assets

    Proper valuation of the family assets is an important part of every divorce or separation. The results can have a significant impact on each spouse’s financial position after legal proceedings have ended. Hiring a lawyer with experience in the complexities of property division, valuation and all related family law matters is critical. Courtyard Law is […]
  • Equal or Unequal Division of Property

    While there is a strong presumption that marital assets should be divided equally between the two parties, either the couple or the court can decide to divide assets differently. There must be a good reason for varying from that initial position, and the ultimate division must be fair to both parties. Some common reasons to […]
  • Common Law Rights

    There are some distinctions and some similarities between the rights of a common law spouse and a marital spouse. With certain exceptions, being section 120.1 of the current Family Relations Act, the remedies available to a common law spouse are based on the law of trust and based on a multiplicity of factors. Section 120.1 […]
  • Same Sex Marriage Property Division

    Same-sex marriage became legal in British Columbia in July 2003, granting gay couples the same marriage rights afforded to heterosexual couples. However, for two years, the Divorce Act continued to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. Then, in 2005, a landmark Supreme Court case granted British Columbia’s first same-sex divorce. Today, […]
  • Spousal Support

    Spousal support and property division can be two of the most difficult areas of family law. Spousal support determination in British Columbia is complex because there are many different conditions to take into consideration including the occupation of each spouse during the marriage, the length of the marriage, age, physical health and the career potential […]
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