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  • Division of Property

    When a couple separates, the assets accumulated during the marriage must be classified as family assets, business assets or individual assets. Family assets must be divided equally between the two partners unless it would be unfair to do so. Often, people require legal representation to identify and divide the family assets, especially if the divorce […]
  • High Value Asset Property Division

    Our lawyers have extensive experience working with clients that own assets of significant value, including various business assets. We can assist in achieving a fair, satisfying and expeditious property division during divorce and separation. While the law regarding division of property is the same, no matter the size and value of your family assets, property […]
  • Pension / RRSP Division

    During divorce and separation, the portion of a couple’s pensions and registered retirement savings plans (R.R.S.P.) acquired during the marriage are considered family assets and are subject to division. This is a complex area of divorce and separation, requiring experienced legal representation. The lawyers of are respected leaders in the area of family law in […]
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