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  • Paternity Claims

    Legal issues relating to paternity, including child support and child custody can be difficult and emotionally trying. Whether you require legal assistance in proving paternity or establishing child custody and visitation, our lawyers can assist you. Paternity issues typically follow this path in British Columbia: Presumption of fatherhood: First, the court will consider whether there […]
  • Order of No Contact

    Making the decision to pursue an order of no contact, commonly referred to as a restraining order, can be difficult. Often these cases are highly conflicted and may involve allegations of domestic violence. Orders of no contact are available to you and your children to protect you from physical and emotional harm. If you believe […]
  • Mobility Issues

    If you or your child’s other parent wish to relocate with the children and the move would affect the current child custody and access arrangement, speak with a knowledgeable family lawyer. Disputes between separated or divorced parents over relocating children often go to court, as the Family Relations Act offers no steadfast guidelines regarding this […]
  • Enforcement of Orders

    After the court has issued an order which has not been appealed, the order will remain in effect. If there has been a significant change in circumstances, one of the parties may apply to vary the custody, access or support provisions of an order. In some circumstances, one party may be able to apply to […]
  • Child Support & Section 7

    Child Support and Section 7 Expenses Child support is the amount of money paid by one parent to the other for the care and upbringing of dependant children. A parent or step-parent may be obliged to pay child support even if they were not married to the other parent. The federal government has introduced the […]
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