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  • Marriage, Cohabitation & Separation Agreements

    When creating a marriage, cohabitation or separation agreement, it is essential for both parties to have legal counsel. Should the agreement ever be challenged in court, the document has a higher likelihood of standing up to court scrutiny if lawyers were involved in the negotiation, drafting and signing of the agreement. We specializes in all […]
  • Court Process

    Disputes regarding your family and children can be extremely stressful. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, the parties are unable to resolve their differences on their own or with the assistance of counsel. In those circumstances, they may have to attend court, to have a Judge make these important decisions. Lawyers provide representation at all levels of […]
  • Appeals

    Our lawyers handle any appeals arising from our own cases, as well as cases in which the client was represented at trial by another firm or lawyer. An appeal can be pursued, if a client is unhappy with a decision made by a judge and believes that the judge made an error in the interpretation. […]
  • Valuation of Assets

    Proper valuation of the family assets is an important part of every divorce or separation. The results can have a significant impact on each spouse’s financial position after legal proceedings have ended. Hiring a lawyer with experience in the complexities of property division, valuation and all related family law matters is critical. Courtyard Law is […]
  • Division of Property

    When a couple separates, the assets accumulated during the marriage must be classified as family assets, business assets or individual assets. Family assets must be divided equally between the two partners unless it would be unfair to do so. Often, people require legal representation to identify and divide the family assets, especially if the divorce […]
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